About Us
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Indasina International co. ltd. Is a group of factories for electronic products.

Located in Shenzhen (China), we are offering electronic products to many steady customers all over the world. Now, we have opened this window for Indian Industry to support the Nobel cause of MAKE IN INDIA. We are offering electronic product directly from factories in SKD, CKD & Complete format. The products cover all electronic area from LED TV BACKLIGHT, PCB (2 to 16 Layers), DVB-S (solution), POWER BANKS, CCTV’s,   CAR STEREOS, COMPONENTS (Diodes, Resistance, Capacitor and Relay), PRODUCTION MACHINES, Etc.

We firmly believe that with a strong Financial & Technical support base we can deliver high quality products and services at a competitive price. We believe in WIN-WIN for all.

If you are looking for customized product, Indasina International is your right choice.