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Unic UC46 Mini Projector
Aggressive price with mini size projector and big size of projection screen---Projection screen size: 34-130 Inches, Projection distance: 3.51 to 12.47 Feet. You can focus the image by adjusting the Lens on the projector. Excellent LED lamp...
UNIC UC18 Mini Projector
The super bright LED lighting system projects a brilliant image onto your wall at 500:1 contrast ratio Listen using the built-in speakers or plug into the headphone jack (not included) to keep the noise down Runs at 16:9 aspect ratio Manual...
Unic UC40 Mini Projector
Support 1080P Full HD input the scale of screen is 4:3, the distance of projection is from 0.3m to 3m,Multi-function input: IP/IR/USB/SD/HDMI/VGA. 100% brand new and Great quality projection, remote control, iPhone ready to display photos f...
UNIC UC30 LED Mini Projector
Support Av/vga/hdmi/usb/sd/tv Input Hd Led Projector,Output terminal: stereo earphone, RV power source, can connect electronic products,conputer,iphone,ipad2 and DVD etc. Supported File Format:encoding format:MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/DivX/Xvid;Vid...
UNIC UC50 Mini Projector
Super smallest size simplified micro projector with DLP technology WVGA resolution with HD decoding display Built-in battery and supply mobile power supply AV USB TF HDMI Multi functions support Super competitive price and good quality with...
49-inch Backlight
Length, Width Height:1105*239*686mm Thickness: 81mm Hang a wall size: 300*200 OD: 26mm Backlit scheme: 5*12 Diaphragm Structure: 1 Diffusion Sheet Backlit Height: 5000nits Working Voltage:102V Working Current: 300mA Configuration Glass: LC49...
58-inch Backlight
Length, Width Height:1304*239*812mm Thickness: 80mm Hang a wall size: 400*200 OD: 32mm Backlit scheme: 6*14 Diaphragm Structure: 2 Diffusion Sheet Backlit Height: 4200nits Working Voltage:117-143V Working Current: 600mA Configuration Glass:...
50-inch Backlight
Length, Width Height:1131*239*702mm Thickness: 89mm Hang a wall size: 400*200 OD: 34mm Backlit scheme: 4*10 Diaphragm Structure: 2 Diffusion Sheet Backlit Height: 4600nits Working Voltage:120-135V Working Current: 300mA Configuration Glass:...
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